Video Collection

If you have 8mm or Super 8mm film which pertains to Bienville Parish, please contact the Bienville Parish Journal at  

Joe Harper Collection – Downtown Saline & New Bank on November 16, 1969; Members of the Harper, Sullivan, & Dison Family 8mm

Joe Harper Collection – Carolina Baptist Church (circa 1971), Families include Dison, Harper, Rogers, Brown, Thomas (Ronnie Mathew on left and Thomas Ray Harper on right)

Joe Harper Collection – Harper, Sullivan, Dison Families on Harper Hill in Carolina Community Circa 1969 (Lavon Sullivan pulling Eric and Shavon Sullivan in wagon)

Joe Harper Collection – Jereme Dison’s First Birthday – July 31, 1971 (Joe Harper holding Jereme Dison, Eric and Shavon Sullivan)

Joe Harper Collection – Harper and Sullivan Families in Arkansas Bienville Parish

Joe Harper Collection – Jereme Dison – Christmas 1972

Joe Harper Collection – Dogwood Trees, Shady Grove School, Saline Bank Flowers Circa 1969

Joe Harper Collection – Shavon & Eric Sullivan, People in Saline, (J.O. Evans pictured here) circa 1969

Joe Harper Collection – Male Teachers in Drag Playing Basketball at Saline High School, Harper , Dison, Sullivan Family circa 1971

Jereme Dison Collection – Gary, Carolyn, Jereme and Brad Dison at Home in 1978

Jereme Dison Collection – Jereme Dison at Toledo Bend Reservoir & Parade

Jereme Dison Collection – 1983 Colorado Elk Hunting Trip

Jereme Dison Collection – 1978 – Jereme Dison Riding Bicycle and Motorcycle & Mill Creek Reservoir

Jereme Dison Collection – Christmas & Canton Texas Swimming Pool

Jereme Dison Collection – Carolyn Dison Having a Dance Party with Children

Jereme Dison Collection – Christmas Morning Circa 1978

Jereme Dison Collection – Christmas Morning with Brad and Jereme

Jereme Dison Collection – Wright’s Landing at Toledo Bend and Brad Dison’s Birthday Party